Header showing an image with two drawn characters. One with a sad face, the other happy.


Picture of the main character and a spirit from the play Renset (Cleansed).


The student theatre Immaturus is the only student organization in Bergen dedicated to theatre and stage art. Our main goal is to open the door for creativity and artistic expression. We give students in Bergen the opportunity to evolve within a wide offer of performing arts related activities.

Immaturus is an organization that is open for everyone no matter which experience they have, and together we arrange weekly events and groups in addition to plays of different sizes. Our weekly groups are improvisational theatre, radio theatre, music theatre, the writing group, acting techniques and Dungeons & Dragons.

Every Wednesday at 20:00 we have a variation of events at Det Akademiske Kvarter: Open Stage // Open Room, Poetry Night and Bergen Impro Battle.

But what would a student theatre be without theatre productions? Every semester we put up at least one main production as well as mikroprosjekter (small productions) of different sizes. This fall we put up one main production, Renset (Cleansed).

Almost all of our events take place at Det Akademiske Kvarter and we consider it our home. As a member of Immaturus you are a part of a large community. Do you want to become a member or get more information? Contact medlem@immaturus.no