Header showing an image with two drawn characters. One with a sad face, the other happy.


Picture from the play Å eie noen (To own someone). Shows two people holding each other. Picture from the play Å eie noen that shows a gardening group who talks to each other.

Become a member

Do you have an artistic interest? Do you dream about being on stage? Or do you prefer behind the scenes? Become a member of the student theatre Immaturus! As an active member of Immaturus you participate in operating the organization and you can choose which committee you want to become a member of. One of the perks of being an active member is that you get benefits of being a volunteer at The Akademiske Kvarter.

The social committee

Participate in fun social activities for the members of Immaturus, like intern parties or other activities.

The Helhus committee

Be a part of arranging Helhus! Help with making a concept for a night at Det Akademiske Kvarter and fill up the room with fun arrangements and decorations.

The economy committee

Assist the head of economy in Immaturus with the budget.

Open Stage // Open Room commitee

Be a part of arranging Open Stage // Open Room by finding participants, promoting and managing the event.


Either it is a main production or a mikroprosjekt (small production), you will get a responsibility that fits you and participate in making stage art.

Do you want to become a member? Send an email to medlem@immaturus.no or drop by the office at Fosswinckelsgate 7 located right above the faculty of social sciences at the University of Bergen. The office is open Monday to Friday 12:00-14:00.