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Upcoming events

Main production

The play Renset (Cleansed): Ad showing three naked backs, where one of them has a distorted face.

Cleansed by Sarah Kane

Sarah Kanes script ”Renset” seems to be grotesque violence and tragic on the outside. The characters gets exposed to extreme deprivation in an apatic and indifferent world.

Of all the plays written by Kane she considered “Renset” to be the happiest. “Renset” consist of characters in deep love ready to resist any obstacle. I think we have a tendency to emphasise short lived pleasure over happiness and real love – are we not all small children that really just wants to be loved by someone?

Theater is not synonymous with drama and this production of “Renset” will not let the written word lead the way. The theatre situation, where the plays gets unique in their meeting with the audience, will be the starting point for “Renset”. This scenographic landscape will not just stay within the theatre room, how can the real world be a part of “Renset”?

I do not want an audience that is afraid to not understand when there is nothing to understand, only experience. Is not the goal with theatre to let the audience learn something about themselves?

- Victor Olsbø Skinlo, director

Tivoli, Det Akademiske Kvarter. 27th of October and 29th-3rd of November. 150,- kr for adults / 100,- kr for students

 Illustration showing three people in a piano bar.


On particular Saturdays Det Akademiske Kvarter the entire house will be filled with a theme, where there will be fun events on every floor. This can be concerts, workshops, dancing floors, quiz, show, games – do not let this examples stop the creativity, everything is possible!

Immaturus will arrange Helhus 20th of October and will fill Det Akademiske Kvarter with exiting and entertaining content from start to finish. Which theme and which activities are not yet decided, but Kunstnerisk Råd (The art council) is looking forward to arranging an amazing Helhus. We will see you 20th of October for a party you will never forget at Det Akademiske Kvarter!

We wish for help from creative souls that can help us with everything from coming up with an idea to decorating, here there is something for everyone. Does this sound fun? Then the Helhus committee can be something for you. Please contact the head of Helhus at kr@immaturus.no for more information.

Det Akademiske Kvarter. 20th of October. 50,- kr until 23:00 then 100,- kr

 The event Poesiaften (poetry night): picture of a foggy forest.

Poetry night (Poesiaften)

Poetry night is an evening where it is easy to get restful. It is arranged by Immaturus` own writinggroup and consist of both invited guests and Immaturus` own Immaturus poets. The night rounds off with open mike, where the audience can read whatever they want to. At Poetry Night everyone is welcome to perform. It is the perfect opportunity to finally let an audience hear the words you might only have written for yourself. Poetry Night is arranged three times this semester and Immaturus wishes all poetry enthusiasts welcome.

The event Open Stage // Open Room (Åpen Scene // Åpent Rom): Illustration of two people with their back to each other, where one of them plays the trumpet.

Open Stage // Open Room

Open Stage // Open Room is arranged three times per semester and is the perfect event for you who want to perform something, either it is dance, a monologue, illustrations or maybe an art installation?

The oppurtunities are endless. The stage is open for you who want to do something performative, maybe a poem, stand-up or a song? If the stage is not enough, the room is open for you who want to use a little more space, maybe because you want to exhibit your art? Or maybe you want to do performance theatre among the audience?

Everything is possible. If you need technical equipment for your performance, please send us a mail in advance at kr@immaturus.no. If you are more of the spontaneous type, you can sign up during the event. If you want to sign up for Open Stage // Open Room send a mail to kr@immaturus.no.